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Welcome to our Brazilian Partners !

par Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel

 Ana Paula Cavalcanti Simioni, from the Institute of Brazilian Studies at Universidade de Sao Paulo, and who was invited Professor at ENS Département d’Histoire et Théorie des Arts, in January 2016, has joined Artlas to better work on a research project on "Art and Power in Brazil". 

Ana Paula is a specialist in sociology of art and in the history of women artists in Brazil (19th and 20th C.). With her team at USP, they have started to add catalogues from the Sao Paulo Biennials, to use the bid data generated by the catalogues in order to enlarge the scope of the research project, and better adopt sociological and historical methodologies and perspectives. 

The group is studying the Sao Paulo Biennial catalogues on the period 1951-1965 and 1965-2000, crossing them with the sources already included in BasArt, Artlas’ digital PostGIS database, and with local, more traditional archival and press sources. The aim is to study topics such as :

  1. The Bienal de São Paulo in socio-political contexts ;
  2. Biennales and national representation ;
  3. Biennials and consecration of women artists in the second half of the twentieth century ;
  4. Artistic forms and modalities and degrees of prestige,
  5. The Biennial and the internationalization of art in Brazil/Latin America ;
  6. Biennials and place of center / periphery relations

WIth a strong focus on women. 



Sao Paulo's team - Working on Bienials Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel (Dir. of Artlas), Ana Paula Simioni (invited (...)
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